HawkStrong Fund Assistance Resource

We have established the Hawk Strong Fund as an emergency student support fund to empower our students to meet essential financial challenges and to keep moving forward until this crisis has passed.

Funding for each student emergency claim will vary based on need and all applications are subject to review and approval of the committee.

The fund will serve to ease or eliminate temporary financial student emergencies such as:

• Preventing immediate risks of homelessness or loss of essential utility service due to sudden loss of employment
• Assisting students with unforeseen travel expenses between home and work
• Meeting the cost of student basic car repairs that prevent them from getting to their job(s)
• Meeting the cost of daycare due to sudden loss of employment
• Providing access to technology for students lacking the resources to attend their classes online during the campus closure

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are your enrolled in the Winter 2020 semester, even if classes are not currently meeting?
  2. Please provide a brief description of what your current need is and what these funds will be used for, if awarded.
  3. Please upload any supporting documents such as bills, invoices, etc. to support your request for assistance