Krystyna Jasinksa - Class of 1957

Krystyna Jasinksa - Class of 1957

“The Field of Nursing was the Finest Art”

Academic Summary:

Henry Ford School of Nursing, Bachelor of Allied Science University of Detroit, Wayne State
University, Macomb Community College and Sienna Heights College – Registered Nurse

Employment Experience:

  • Was a Registered Nurse for over 50 Years – Nursing was her passion in life
  • Nurse Educator for over 15 years, Provided Patient care, and completed her nursing career
  • In the Oncology Unit for 20 years.
  • Established her nursing career at St Francis Hospital (1957-1966), North Detroit General Hospital (1967-1973), McNamara
    Hospital (1973-1975), Macomb Hospital Center (1975-1989 Nurse Educator, Macomb Hospital Center (1989-1993) Oncology
    Unit, Providence Hospital (1993-2000), St Joseph’s Mercy of Macomb (2000-2008) Oncology.


In her words;

A nurse promotes health, prevents illness, and aids in the recovery from disease. Nursing is a reparative process, which allows patients to be in the best condition for nature to act upon. This is a way to support the patient’s physical process until normal functions are restored. Nurses observe symptoms and analyze human responses to disease. As a caregiver, he/she is very alert about cleanliness and conditions that apply to the area. A nurse is an educated person with solid background in science, which helps in understanding the theory behind the care of the patient The nurse has an understanding of the treatment of his/her disease. The nurse views patient care as holistic. In addition to physical care, the nurse may include aspects of spirituality. This caregiver views all patients as equal regardless of ethnicity, social class or biological differences. The motto is caring for a person who is ill, rather than being concerned just about the illness alone. The nurse establishes a professional relationship, helpful to caring for the patient and relating to the family.

A nurse believes in dignity and sanctity of human life – Krystyna Jasinska, RN Class of 1957